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Camel Desert Safari in Dubai with Falconry and Traditional Dinner
Why Camels are so important in the Emirati Culture? The Camels have been the main part of day to day life of the people. Camels have played a key role in all parts of life, in daily transportation, food entertainment and more.

The camel safari in the deserts is the best way to enjoy an evening in Dubai and the most traditional way to explore the sandy deserts. The camels are often called as the ships of the desert for their ability to move around the desert effortlessly. Join the footsteps of the Bedouin people who relayed on these animals for transportation. The 45 minutes Camel Safari into the deserts will be the chance to explore the beautiful landscape up close. At the end of this safari, you will have an interactive session where you will be given a demonstration on how the falcons were used in hunting, Camels and Falcons were two of the most important factors which helped the nomadic Bedouin tribe to survive the harsh desert environment.

In the evening you will be a unique authentic desert camp experience inside a private Royal desert retreat. The main purpose of this half-day desert expedition to make you familiar with the lifestyle of the Bedouin people, the ancestors of Emiratis. The Henna Tattooing, Live Arabic Coffee and bread making sessions, traditional dance and music performance by the local artist takes you back to the good old days of desert life. You can also try the flavored tobacco pipe known as Shisha. The 4-course dinner of traditional Arabic Cuisine in the traditional Bedouin Desert camp setup will make your evening magical and you can live the peaceful nomadic way of life.

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Camel Desert Safari in Dubai with Falconry and Traditional Dinner
Pick up: 15:00-16:00
Drop off time: 21:30-22:00
Pick up location: Hotels in Dubai
Duration: 6 hours
Tour Type: Professional English-Speaking Safari Guide
Accessibility: Not Suitable for people with less mobility
Tour Category: Sharing Tour -06 People in One Jeep
Day of Operations: All Days
45 Minutes Camel Safari with Falcon show and Traditional Dinner


Today, the people may prefer getting around in the desert in their 4x4s vehicles, but back in the early day's Camels were a mode of transport for the Bedouin people. Your Dubai Trip will be incomplete if you don’t get an experience with the animal up close. Camel Desert Safari offers you a unique chance to ride the Camels into the deserts as done by the people back then.

Meet our professional guide and you will be Pick-up from Dubai hotels will be between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm. You will be transferred to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for a ride of a lifetime. Upon reaching the area, you will be given an adventure pack and put on the local traditional headscarf known as Sheila/Ghutra.

The 45-minute Camel Ride into the deep forest will take you back to the early days of Bedouin people, where they depend on the animal for food, transport, and entertainment. At the end of you Camel Desert Safari you will be given an interactive session with the falcons, the falconry has been the main part of the day to day life of people. The falcons were trained to hunt the animals and birds from their natural habitat ‘the desert.

At the end of the falcon session, you will be guided to the traditional Bedouin Desert Camp where you will have the chance to experience the Arabian Hospitality. You will be entertained by the sessions like Live Bread and Arabian Coffee. The Shisha pipes will heat the mood in this fine evening, ladies can get your hands designed by a local Henna designer. Enjoy cultural Emirati entertainment performances such as drumming and Yola. The dance form of Yola is the dance for traditionally used to control the camels by using rifles and sticks. The dancers perform the traditional Bedouin dance in two rows where they showcase the proud male warriors and hunters from the Arab world. Commonly known as the stick dancing accompanied by drummers will make your evening an Emirati style.

The Heritage Dinner in the Bedouin camp includes authentic Arabian Cuisine like SHORBAT ADAS- a regional favorite Lentil soups and Starters includes KIBBEH, SAMBOUSEK, HOUMOUS, JARJEER, FATOUSH and the main course different variety of Rice, Meat of Lamp, Camel Meat, Chicken Dishes, and Grilled Vegetables. It also includes the traditional LUQAIMAT- delectable Arabic style doughnuts with date syrup. The dinner menu also includes fresh fruits and beverages like Sparkling date juice, Arabic coffee, mineral water, a selection of two fresh juices.

By around 09.30 pm you will be transferred back to your hotel in Dubai, this Camel Desert Safari is a wonderful experience, great value for money and the best way to experience the culture of the United Arab Emirates.


  • Pick up and Drop off in Airconditioned vehicles from Dubai hotels
  • 45 Minute Camel Desert Safari in the Dunes
  • Adventure Pack with mineral water
  • Wildlife Spotting in the desert
  • Falcon Show in Deserts
  • Authentic Arabic Dinner
  • Cultural Shows including Yola Dance
  • Traditional Bedouin Camp Experience
  • Tips and Personal Expenses

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