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Dubai Miracle Garden Tickets With One Way Transfer
Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s biggest natural bloom garden and the garden built on a space of 72,000 sqm and adorned with 150 million flowers. Dubai Miracle Garden is not just a typical flower garden it goes beyond the normal showcase of blossoms and flowerbeds, the Miracle Garden of Dubai offers more than 120 flower types including sunflowers, petunias, geraniums, and marigolds; organized in a variety of vertical and level arranging structures that extend from peculiar to rich. Dubai Miracle Garden is one such place in Dubai which are enjoyed by all the age group, especially children. Dubai Miracle Garden made to the Guinness World record three times in the past, the garden has won three Guinness World Records first one in the year 2017 for the largest floral installation (Display) of fresh flowers. Micky Mouse huge structure in the Dubai Miracle Garden was recognized by the Guinness world record in the year 2018. Dubai Miracle Garden won its third Guinness World record by building the world’s largest topiary art in its garden. Miracle Garden added 09 Disney characters made up of flowers and shrubs. Each of these Disney Characters was as huge as Micky Mouse and some of them even bigger than the previous one. Enjoy the truly magnificent Miracle Garden with stunning creations like Floral Clock, Floral Castle, Huge Floral Micky Mouse, The Largest flower Display on Emirates A380 fight, Big Teddy Bear with the Heart and many more attractions awaits you. Get ready to enjoy an evening outing with your loved ones at Dubai Miracle Garden a world of unique and extravagant display of natural flowers. Dubai Miracle Garden 2020-2021 Opening Hours and dates: The 09th Season of Dubai Miracle Garden will open from 1 November 2020 till 01 May 2021 and the garden is opened seven days a week from 09 am to 09 pm on weekdays and 09 am to 11 pm on weekends Dubai Miracle Garden Ticket Prices: Book Dubai Miracle Garden ticket online with surprise tourism which includes one-way transfer from Dubai Hotel to the Garden. Dubai Miracle Garden Day Pass: USD 45.00 Per Person (Includes one-way transfer)

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Dubai Miracle Garden Tickets With One Way Transfer

If you are planning to visit Dubai in winter, then Dubai Miracle Garden must be on your bucket list. The world’s biggest flower garden in the world with three Guinness world record creations and many more floral themed attractions welcomes you to the world of flowers. Meet our driver at your hotel in Dubai, and we will take on a great excursion to the most wonderful flower garden on the planet the Dubai Miracle Garden. The biggest natural blossom garden on the planet merits your visit, built on a space of 72,000 sqm and with 150 million flowers Orchestrated in unfathomably excellent shapes, structures and topics; the blossom garden is a man-made miracle and an eye-catching site enjoyed by all.

Popular Highlights of Miracle Garden

Emirates- A380 :
Dubai Miracle Garden is home to word’s biggest flower structure in the world. The Flower structure of Emirates A-380 Airbus is an and The Guinness Book of World Records holder is made with Petunia, Sunflower, Marigold, Geranium, and so forth. At the peak time of its sprouting period, the life-size reproduction of Emirates Airbus has just about 5 million flowers.

The Hearts passage :
Walking through the heart-shaped flower passageway gives you the feeling of you are in a wonderland. There is a dozen or so heart-shaped flower structures are engraved with a huge number of fresh flowers and it acts as a passageway to the garden. Each of the heart structure is made with a different type of fresh flowers and it creates a magical look and perfect place to take some good photos.

The Floral Auditorium :
The Floral Auditorium located at Dubai Miracle Garden is one of its own one of a kind on earth. The Floral Auditorium; as the name recommends is created with the elements of both nature and assembly hall and hall includes all of these like Fresh Flowers, an auditorium, trees, billets, stage, and a which all creates a perfect open-air floral ambience The Floral Auditorium also satisfy the importance and convenience of an auditorium.

The Burj Khalifa :
The tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa is recreated here in Dubai Miracle Garden and it is the tallest floral art at the Garden.

The Umbrella Roof :
A colourful passageway with a sky filled with a colourful umbrella’s. The ceiling of the passage is filled with rows and columns of umbrellas and fresh flowers on both sides.

Floral Houses and Bungalows :
One of the other highlights Dubai Miracle Garden is Floral houses and Bungalows in unique shapes, sizes, colours and themes and each one of these are decorated with thousands of fresh flowers.

The Eiffel Tower:
The icon of Paris is recreated here in Dubai Miracle Garden, The Floral Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular attractions of the garden since 2014.

Floral Train:
A floral train was introduced in Dubai Miracle Garden in the year 2015 and there are now two Floral trains on display at the Garden.

Flower Lady:
There two huge structures of flower lady in the garden and sculpture is a real attraction of Dubai Miracle Garden.


  • General Entrance Ticket to Dubai Miracle Garden
  • One Way Transfer from Dubai hotel to the Garden
  • A Panoramic View of more than 50 million flowers
  • Guinness World Record Breaking Flower Structures
  • Personal Expenses

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