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Dubai Museum of Illusions Tickets
When in Dubai you may come across sights and never really believe your eye? The city has long a list of iconic attractions that are hard to believe. Dubai has something new in store, the Dubai Museum of Illusions. This museum is part of the much larger international museum chain that first debuted in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015, the Dubai’s Museum is the biggest one to date with 80-plus interactive exhibits.

The museum will amaze, educate, and thoroughly confuse you as nothing is what it seems, you may get carried away with the illusions that have in store for you. The enchanting world of illusion is designed to trick your mind and challenger your senses. The Museum is full of mischief and trickery is and there is enough to wow you and puzzles that will make you scratch your head.
Book Museum of Illusion tickets online with us and Enter the unbelievable world as you explore one of Dubai’s most unique attractions.

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Dubai Museum of Illusions Tickets: Book Online with Surprise Tourism
Dubai is a place where there are wonders and one can't get enough of it. While the tallest structure in the world, largest performing fountain, Tallest hotel, the biggest shopping centre and the biggest indoor amusement park, in addition to other things, would keep you snared to this great city, the Museum of Illusions, the new addition to the city’s long list of attraction, would without a doubt leave you enchanted.

Visit Dubai's Museum of Illusion the best attractive exhibition hall of hallucinations in Dubai. The perfect combination of experience, Illusions, Myths, enchantment, and riddle. Situated in Al Seef, Dubai. it provides you with a unique experience of illusion also lets you cross the world's biggest exhibition hall of illusion with many riddles and puzzles to keep you interested and amazed.

The Museum is a universe of Amazement and its astonishing visual-exotic and instructive experience while you can move farther into this universe of inside and out puzzlement. The museum is arranged with 80 or more obscure and creative shows, Your mind- twisting optical illusions and pedantic rooms to exciting Puzzles and attractive wooden games, The museum has so many inbuilt astonishing features will take your consideration on craftsmanship and presence.

The Museum of Illusions offers the guests phenomenal tactile and visual experience while being informative and educate you. Museum of Illusion is different from other museums, here you don’t have to be careful about touching the objects or artefacts. On the other hand, this is an interactive museum and the more you contact and connect with the exhibits and artefacts, the better time you would have and the more curious you become.

Feel your head turn around in the Vortex Tunnel and experience developing short and tall inside seconds in the Ames Room. Find out about the laws of observation at The Chair Illusion and look at how you truly look like by exploring the True Mirror. Apart from this, The Bottomless Pit, Head on the Platter, Rubin's Vase, Rotated Room, Anti-Gravity Room, and so on would ensure that you were sure to give you one of a kind experience of Illusion.

You can carry the world of illusion with you, souvenirs can be bought from the gift shop inside the museum so that you don’t forget the awesome experience you had with Museum of Illusion also you take home a piece of Illusion with you. You can also buy an instructive toy for your young ones, 3D lighting globes or if nothing else a T-shirt, pencil or note pad.

The Museum of Illusions is incredible for everyone in the family, especially for the young ones. Book the tour of Museum of Illusion to enjoy and experience the world of Illusion with your loved one in Dubai, book this tour with us today!


  • General Ticket Museum of Illusion
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Hollow Face Illusion
  • Rubin’s Vase
  • Head on the Platter
  • The Bottomless Pit
  • The Chair Illusion
  • True Mirror
  • Stereogram
  • Ames Room
  • The Vortex tunnel
  • Infinity Room
  • Anti-gravity Room
  • Rotated Room
  • Holograms
  • Optical Illusions
  • Photo Illusions
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