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Heritage Desert Safari in Dubai with 1950’s Vintage Range Rovers
The ability to survive the harsh environment of UAE’s deserts made the ancestors of Emirati People the most resilient people on earth. Their lifestyle was very simple, and they had to use whatever little resources they had to survive the mysterious deserts. From using camels for transportation, meat and camel hide for making tents, using falcons, hawks for hunting and Ghaf tree’s for wood and homes. Deserts may lack water, but it doesn’t lack life and the Bedouin tribe’s day to day activities and entertainment all related to the deserts.

In the early days, they used Camels for the safari, the ability of the animal to move around the deserts easily and hence they called the ship of deserts. The best way to experience the desert lifestyle of Bedouin tribes is by joining a Heritage Desert Safari the most awarded Desert Safari in Dubai. Explore the deserts like in the old days and travel back to the 1950s where the Dubai was transforming into a modern city from a small fishing village, this is the year when “Petroleum exploration” begins in Dubai area and the first motorized vehicles used in the Dubai desert were Series 1 and 2 Land Rovers have become symbolic of Dubai’s heritage and venturing to unexplored territories. Experience the Dubai of early days on an adventure in the Dubai desert in these 1950 Land Rovers with a professional Conservation Guide.

Unlike any other Dubai Desert Safari, we will take you on a drive of a lifetime with a chance to witness the fascinating wildlife. Chance to meet the Camels up close and Ride the beasts, get to know the national bird of UAE with Falcon Show. Be entertained by traditional henna tattoos, live bread-making, Arabic coffee making, and aromatic shisha pipes. The Desert Expedition also includes authentic Arabic Dinner with soup, salad, appetizer, main course, and dessert. Experience the desert way of life in a Traditional Bedouin Desert Camp and enjoy the cultural Emirati entertainment performances such as drumming and Yola Dance.

Join the value for money tour and you are guaranteed to have a great time with memories which will last for a lifetime

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Heritage Desert Safari in Dubai with 1950’s Vintage Range Rovers
Dubai Desert Safari – Heritage Wildlife Safari and Traditional Dinner

Pick up: 14:30 15:00
Drop off time: 21:00 to 21:30
Pick up location: Hotels in Dubai
Duration: 07 hours
Tour Type: Professional English-Speaking Safari Guide
Accessibility: Not Suitable for people with less mobility
Tour Category: Sharing with a small group
Day of Operations: Daily

Tour Itinerary:
The best choice to spend an evening in Dubai is by joining an Evening Heritage Desert safari where you will get the chance to explore the magical and mysterious landscape of the Arabian desert.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Dubai by around 2:30 to 03:00 pm and the professional safari driver will escort you to the Desert Conservative Area, where you will meet your co-travelers.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a vintage 1950’s land rover fleet and Camels. To protect you from the dry heat and sandy winds, the team will tie a traditional headscarf in the traditional Arab style, and they are known as Sheila/Ghutra.
Before your ride, meet the camels and take some photo’s you will have the chance to ride them once you reach the Bedouin Desert Camp at the end of your Desert Safari.

The entire travelers will split into a small group and taken on a fascinating ride to capture the beauty of Arabian Wildlife. You vintage Landrover move around the dunes and the guide will explain it to you about the flora and fauna of the deserts in this part of the world. You may get the rare chance to spot native wildlife like Arabian oryx in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and stop at a Ghaf tree forest in the dunes for the most spectacular photo opportunities in the desert. You will be amazed to see how the plants and wildlife can live in these extreme temperatures.

This Desert Safari does not include Dune Bashing in the desert, so the people who are car sick, don’t need to worry about it. At the end of your wildlife expedition, you will be witnessing the art of falconry, Falconry is such an integral part of the Bedouin traditions and you will experience how these magnificent birds were used to hunt in the harsh desert condition. Get up close with Falcons and see them in action. The trainers put on a good show and feel the falcon flying at the speed of light over your head!

At the end of your show, you will be given the rare opportunity to hold them and take photos with these birds.

At the sunset, the guide will take you to the traditional desert Bedouin desert camp where you will have the chance to experience the desert lifestyle of the people. Before the delicious dinner and cultural performances, you can get tattooed by a local henna designer and watch the live Arabian bread and Coffee making sessions.

You will also, once in a lifetime opportunity to ride the camels in their natural habitat. Heat up the evening by Shishah, smoke the tobacco in a water pipe with different flavors.

The food will be one of the highlights of your Desert Safari the 4-course authentic Emirati Cuisine where you will have bread, salad, couscous, meats, rice and some of the best dessert. You will also get to taste the Camel Milk and Meat. Don’t forget to try the favorite Emirate doughnut LUQAIMAT served with dates syrup.

After the dinner, Experience the captivating Emirati Cultural Dance performances. The Yola and Drum Performances will take you back to the good old days of Dubai.

Return to the Hotel between 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm (depends on the season/sunset). Before the return transfer, there will be a magical moment where the team will switch off all the lights in the camp and you get to see the starry sky in the desert. Return to your hotel with the best memories of your Dubai Desert Safari.


  • Evening 07 hours Desert Safari with Wildlife Experience
  • Safari in 1950 Vintage Land Rovers
  • Sunset falcon show in the dunes
  • Professional English-Speaking Guide During the Safari
  • Camel Ride in the Deserts
  • Arabian Bread Making and Arabian Coffee Making sessions
  • Authentic Emirati Cuisine Dinner
  • Traditional Bedouin Desert Camp
  • Cultural Emirati Shows like Yola Dance
  • Tips and Personal Expenses

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