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Kidzania Dubai Mall Tickets 2020: Dubai Tours Online
Kidzania an Interactive City for Kids run by Kids, take your kids for visit to Kidzania, an interactive kids sized city that allows them to be free, think logically, build up their scientific abilities, Kidzania is where learning is better when its fun and Kids from 4 years to 16 years will find Kidzania an interesting place where they will learn by experiencing the real-life activities. The 80,000 sq feet mini-city with life-size (children’s life-size) buildings, shops, and roads. Kidzania offers more than 70- real-life activities for kids aged 4-16 years.

Children will get to discover various jobs through fun-filled role play with the help of highly trained adult supervisors and your kids will develop the ability of decision making, teamwork, creativity, and social skills in a way that cannot be taught in their schools.
Highlights of Kidzania: A city for Kids Help your child to discover the true passion they have, interactive fun-filled experience for your children to rediscover their ambitions for life. Kidzania offers a complete interactive session of role plays and fun-filled games for your children.
Role Play at Kidzania The role-plays of Kidzania allow your children to experience the operations and functions of the real-life city. The indoor playground has kids sized hospitals, fire stations, banks, Radio and TV Stations, supermarkets, Factories, and More. The kids can discover the experience of working in all of them, this will help them to understand how real-world works. The role plays in Kidzania will introduce your kids to different careers in a fun and interactive way.
Education: Kidzania University helps children to prepare for higher education by giving the children a chance to get a degree in their chosen field. Kidzania will also give them the chance to work and earn more kidZos in the related professions within
KidZania. Kidzania also has an Acting Acadamy to boost the self-confidence of the children. The Academy gives children an introduction to different acting roles, the talent show, and a street dance show will build their communication and confidence skills.
Entertainment: Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania allows the children to take the centre stage with various shows throughout the day. Kids can also become a radio jockey at the radio station and radio shows will be broadcasting live for the citizens of Kidzania.
Food and Beverages: Kidzania city also has plenty of places to eat and drink, just like in the city. But in Kidzania the kids will get to try their hand on cooking. They will get to make healthy recipes, they will get to make their own burger at Mcdonalds and creating their own pizza at Pizza Express. I can also become a mini chef at Mum Mum.
Health: Kidzania hospital introduces the future doctors and nurses every element of health care with lesions in anatomy, empathy, bed-side care, surgery, and the nursery room. They will also get to learn about newborn baby care. Kidzania Dental clinic will help your children learn how to look for cavities, just like a real dentist.
Industry: Industrial jobs at mini Al Ain Farms, Kinder Chocolate Factory, Aquafina Bottling plant will boost the teamwork and other skills of your child. Al-Ain Farms will allow them to learn about fermentation and pasteurization. They will get play the Willy Wonka of Charlie’s chocolate factory at Kinder Chocolate Factory. Kids will also have an opportunity to learn about the Dairy industry with the role-play at Lacnor Milk Factory, it will give them an insight into the dairy industry.
Media: The future media personals are born here, the kids can learn how to produce radio shows, report news bulletins. The shows and news are played on the airwaves throughout the day.
Retail: Your kids will get to learn about money management when they play cashier and stock manager at a department store and visitors can buy things using kidZos just like in a normal department store.
Service: Kids will get learn how a service industry works which is the beating heart of society. The Rove hotel role play will give them an insight into the hospitality industry from reservation and check-in to serving food and housekeeping. They will also get to learn how to keep the city safe when they play various roles at different government services like Dubai Customs and Dubai Police.
Transportation: At Kidzania every child should check-in and get the city map at Emirates Airline’s check-in Desks, they will also get to discover how airports and aircraft work. The RTA bus rides will teach them how to ride safely on a public bus. The little one can also get the driving license from Emirates Driving Institute take to their city streets themselves at KidZania’s Driving Streets.
Games: At Kidzania Kids can test their sports skills at table foosball and billiards, they can hang out with their new friends. Kids will also get to test their physical abilities by participating in challenging obstacle courses.
Kidzania Dubai Mall- Ticket Prices -2020
Adult entrance Tickets Per Person 25.00 USD

Economy Entrance (Age 04-16 Years) Per Child 47.00 USD

Entrance Toddler (Age 1-3 Years) Per Child 32.00 USD

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Kidzania Dubai Mall Tickets 2020: Dubai Tours Online

Open a new world and help your kids to discover how a city works in real life, take your kids to Kidzania. A mini-city where that permits them to be independent, think sensibly, build up their analytical abilities, with the help of 70 real-life activities for children 4-16 years of age.

Empowering education through fun and thrills, the whole city of Kidzania targets to develop the social skills of children while they have the best of fun. At Kidzania mini-city, the kids will get to play various professions, from a Police Officer to a Dentist, to a Restauranteur. At Kidzania there is more than 70-role play for a child to enjoy and learn. The city has its own Kidzania cash that your kid uses to pay for merchandise and ventures along these lines, helping him to money management and value of money, exchanging the money. The city has everything a kid experiences in his day by day life, for example, the bank, ATM, emergency clinics, department stores, theatre, pizza joint, and much more.

Kidzania Location:
Kidzania Dubai is located at Level 2 (Opposite Reel Cinemas), The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, Near Burj Khalifa, Dubai.
KidZania Dubai Open Hours
Sunday - Wednesday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Please note that the counter closes at 9 PM

Thursday - Saturday: 10 AM - 11 PM
Please note that the counter closes at 10 PM
Age Restrictions
Toddlers- Age 1-6 years
kids between 4-16, the main Kidzania attractions are available all seven days a week.


  • All Day General Admission tickets to Kidzania Dubi
  • Any Personal expenses of any nature

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