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Qasr Al Watan Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi
Visit Qasar Al Watan, the presidential palace in Abu Dhabi to learn about the history and heritage of the UAE. In a bid to boost cultural understanding of UAE, The Presidential Palace- Qasar Al Watan was opened to the public on the 11th of March 2019, and visitors can enjoy the guided tour of Qasar Al Watan and will get to see the glimpse of the official meeting place for the UAE cabinet and federal supreme council- The highest constitutional authority in UAE. The Place has also played host to many global leaders since 2015. Qasar Al Watan is not just a tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi, it’s a working palace, which houses the formal offices of the UAE’s President and Vice President and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Guests will have the option to see the perfect examples of Arabian craftsmanship and workmanship and will have the option to make customary calligraphy on interactive screens, Guest will also get explore the centuries-old books concentrating on the history and heritage of UAE. What’s more, the guest will get a unique opportunity to learn more profound comprehension about the rulers and establishments of the nation. Those visiting the palace around evening time will get to experience the treat of light and sound show told in three acts covering the past, present, and future vision of the nation.

Highlights of Qasar Al Watan- Presidential Place in Abu Dhabi

Architectural Style: The structure is a contemporary palace built in traditional Arabian style. Qasar Al Watan features a high level of Arabian artistry and craftsmanship. The design was inspired by Mughal-era design, the palace’s architecture includes classical local motifs such as the arch, dome and ornate tile-work. It took more than 350 hours to make each door of the palace and is constructed from solid maple, with hard-carved designs detailed in 23-carat gold. The surfaces of the place More than unique 5,000 geometric and floral patterns inspired by traditional Arab iconography.

The Great Hall: Undoubtedly the main highlight of the palace is the great hall, the architectural heart of Qasar Al Watan measuring 100 metres long by 100 metres wide and the main dome of the hall is one the largest in the world. with a diameter of 37 metres. It houses four art installations, mirrored cubes that reflect the room’s intricate design detailing.

The Barza: The Barza Majlis is a large room which can hold up to 300 guests at any given time. In Emirati tradition, Majlis were used to a place for formally welcoming the guests. In Barza majlis you will get to see the 5-minute multimedia show on the history of the majlis and the UAE.

Spirit of the Collaboration Hall: the room was designed to host meetings of the Federal Supreme Council, the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

House of Knowledge: Located in the east wing, interested guests can explore the palace’s vast selection of rare artefacts and manuscripts. It documents the Arab world’s contributions to various fields including science, arts, humanities, and literature.

Presidential Gifts: A room dedicated to displaying the collection of diplomatic gifts the UAE has received from foreign dignitaries during state visits. The most notable ones among these are carpets from Turkmenistan, an ornate sword and shield from Kazakhstan.

The Library: The ‘Qasr Al Watan Library’ is home to an impressive collection of more than 40,000 titles, documenting the nation’s history, focusing on archaeology, history, culture, literature and the arts. A digital collection of 16 million items are also made available to the public.

Light and Sound Show: Reach the palace by to experience the magical light and show of telling the story of Qasr Al Watan in three acts, while explaining the past, present, and future of the UAE.

Opening Hours of Qasar Al Watan: Qasr Al Watan is open seven days a week from 10 am-8 pm.

Qasar Al Watan – Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi Ticket Prices 2020
Qasar Al Watan General Palace and garden ticket, which gives you access to all public spaces inside the place and outside, the ticket costs USD 15.00 for Adults and USD 12 for children aged four to 17 years.

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Qasr Al Watan Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi

Learn and explore the Arabian legacy, re-imagined through the perspective of the 21st century, and experience UAE's extravagant culture, rich craftsmanship, and noble customs reflected in every part of this dazzling structure.

Experience one of the best in the Royal Arabian engineering as you step inside the office and wind up under one of the largest domes in the world. You will get watch the recordings showing the captivating aspects of the castle engineering and further work your way over its various segments improved by, attention to detail artistry. Appreciate the gigantic chandeliers with more than 300,000 gem pieces, find the Room of Gifts with the choicest things in plain view, look at the House of Knowledge, and wonder about the luxury of the Presidential Banquet region, among others.

Book Qasar Al Watan ticket online with Surprise Tourism, we offer Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai and Abu Dhabi which includes a visit to Louvre Museum and Qasar Al Watan.


  • Opportunity to learn about Emirati royalty, culture and heritage
  • Experience a slice of the region’s royal architectural opulence
  • Access to Room of Gifts, House of Knowledge and Presidential Banquet Room
  • Transfers (If needed private transfers can be arranged from Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

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