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Sky Dive in Dubai
Make your daydream tryout with this skydiving activity in Dubai. Allow your adrenaline to surge while you are high over the ground and having the all-encompassing panoramas in the city. This skydiving will allow you to drop one of the most important things to do from your wish list and will take you to an all-new jaunt of experience. We have three options available for you, Tandem skydive in Dubai with drop zone in the desert grounds, and a drop zone over the Palm Island and Gyrocopter Flight Palm dropzone. With skydive, you can experience a free fall at a pace of 120 miles/hour, which will leave you in wonderment. In this Sky Diving ticket option, you can pick either a desert region or a palm zone. With the desert zone, you can appreciate the view brilliant sand and with Palm drop zone the glittering skylines of Dubai, iconic attractions like Burj Al Arab, Ain-Dubai, and hypnotizing viewpoints on The Palm Island await you. The all-out action of Sky Diver goes on for around 20 to 30 minutes.

One of the most well-known skydiving activity in Dubai is Tandem skydiving and the main reason for this is that one will get to enjoy the captivating beauty of Palm Island, there is no better way to experience the magnanimous palm island in its full glory than from the sky.

You Sky Dive will include a proficient guide, for all the meetings, who might be helping you all through with the activity that you can let free and rise in the experience. A lot of fun and anticipation awaits with you Sky Dive, Choose the best option suitable for you from Tandem Sky Dive and Gyrocopter flight.

Sky Dive Dubai Prices
We have three options available for Sky Dive Dubai, Choose the suitable experience from the below.

Sky Dive Dubai – Tandem Sky Dive Desert Drop Zone- Book online at USD 688.00
Book your tandem Sky Dive with an experienced Sky Diver for USD 688.00 Per Person at Desert Campus Drop Zone, Experience the pristine desert landscape of Dubai from 13000 ft above. This includes pick up and drop from your hotel in Dubai and the activity can be done all day in a week.

Sky Dive Dubai- Tandem Sky Dive- Palm Jumeirah Drop Zone- Book Online at USD 788.00
Book your tandem Sky Dive with an experienced Sky Diver for USD 788.00 Per Person at Palm Jumeirah Drop Zone, Experience the man-made wonder Palm Island in its full glory. The Palm tree-shaped Island is best viewed from the sky. This includes pick up and drop from your hotel in Dubai and the activity can be done all day in a week.

Gyrocopter Flight- Palm Jumeirah Drop Zone- Book online at USD 375.00
Book Gyrocopter flight with us at USD 375.00 Per Person. Take Gyrocopter with SkyDive Dubai and enjoy the thrilling experience of flying closer to the ground above the iconic attractions of Dubai. The two-seat, unique aircraft delivers an exclusive experience at 1,500 ft, you will be flown with the company of our professional and experienced pilots. The 20-minute flight route takes you to the most popular attractions like Ain Dubai (the world’s largest Ferris wheel), Palm Jumeirah Island, Atlantis, The Palm, The World’ islands, and the majestic Burj Al Arab.

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Tandem skydive in Dubai with drop zone in the desert grounds, and a drop zone over the Palm Island and Gyrocopter Flight Palm dropzone.

It was in the year 1797 (October-22) André-Jacques Garnerin performed the first-ever skydive, he jumped from a height of about 3,200 feet (1,000 m) and marked his name on the history book as the first person ever to do so.
More than 300 years later sky diving becomes the most sought after extreme adventurous sport and every year thousands of jumps are done from different parts of the world. Dubai has become a hub of Sky Diving and become one of the most popular places in the world to experience the thrilling Sky Dive. With its best in class services, stunning sky diving locations like Plam Island, expert and professional instructors, Dubai has cemented its place as the most popular sky diving destination in the world.

Skydive Dubai was established in 2010 by H.E. Nasser Al Neyadi when Dubai facilitated its first worldwide parachuting title at the Palm Drop Zone. Today, Skydive Dubai being recognized as the most safe and popular sky diving Centre in the world. At the point when you go skydiving with Skydive Dubai, behave confidence that you are safe hands and in the company of experienced skydivers with a good number of dives added to their repertoire. The divers of Sky Dubai likewise hold a few Guinness World Records and have created 2 stunning skydiving areas in Dubai.
Skydiving Locations in Dubai

All skydiving operations in Dubai are overseen by the experienced team of Skydive Dubai. Skydive Dubai runs the biggest open-air skydiving school in the world where divers from all around the world come to learn and experience the thrilling skydive. Their hops occur in two stunning locations in Dubai - the Desert Campus dropzone and the more premium Palm Drop Zone. The popular sky diving locations in Dubai are Palm Island and Dubai Deserts.

Desert Campus Drop Zone
The Desert Campus Drop Zone is situated outside the city, off the roadway that leads from Dubai to Al-Ain. The desert drop zone has beginners, yet additionally has a school where you can take courses in transit to turning into an expert skydiver. While you skydive in the desert zone, you will be met with a dazzling bird’s eye view on desert ridges paving the way to the glittering skylines of Dubai.

Palm Drop Zone
The Palm Drop Zone is the more premium drop zone offered by SkyDive Dubai. Skydiving in the Palm Drop Zone will give you once in a blue moon view on the brilliant Palm Islands and the Dubai city sky-high towers. Which includes an unmatched bird’s eye view of Ain Dubai (the world's biggest Ferris wheel), the Palm Jumeirah Island, Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab, "The World" islands and Dubai Marina.

Sky Diving Experience in Dubai:
Your experience starts upon arrival at the SkyDive Dubai, On arrival, you will be asked to fill in the important details about yourself and a concise safety exam that incorporates gauging and estimating your BMI. Thirty minutes before the flight, you will meet your teacher/co-driver who will brief you on the dive, check your tackle, and furnish you with all the vital directions.
The going with camera individual will take a concise meeting of yours before you take off. Make sure to grin, it will be in your skydive video. In the boarding zone, there will be a last rigging check and a photograph operation.
As you fly to the jumping elevation, you will be welcomed with colossal views of Dubai, the Palm Islands, and the encompassing areas. The complete flight time to the jumping height is 20 minutes. These are the most recent 20 minutes you have in which to settle your nerves before you take the jump.

When the plane arrives at 13,000 feet, you will be made sure about to your experienced co-diver and together with the camera flyer, you will leave the plane and free fall for almost 60 seconds, at a speed up to 120 miles/hour!
At 6,000 feet, the parachute will be conveyed, and through the span of the following 5 minutes, you will touch the earth, while taking in some genuinely marvelous perspectives on Dubai.
After the touchdown and a post-hop meet, the experience will find some conclusion. You will have the option to get the video of your sensational dive and also will get to buy memorabilia from the store at the inside.


  • Hotel Pick up and drop off from Dubai Hotels
  • Enjoy Tandem skydiving from a whopping height of 13,000 feet (Two Jump Zones)
  • 30 minutes of briefing and safety instructions
  • Free-fall for 60 seconds at 120 miles/hour
  • Get incomparable views over Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands and other main sights of Dubai
  • Or Desert Landscape
  • Accompanied by an expertly trained instructor
  • Top-notch safety measures provided
  • Personal expenses

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