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Surprise Tourism offers affordable escorted city tours in the Middle East. Explore the hottest attractions of Dubai, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Israel with our guided small group
and private tours.

Explore Dubai City with Surprise Tourism

Dubai is famous as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. From pristine beaches and luxurious hotels to first-class shopping and excellent sporting activities, our agency offers all that Dubai is well known for and has become synonymous with within the region. Surprise Tourism, a Dubai-based travel agency, eagerly welcomes international travelers to taste our hospitality and invites them to experience our whole way of client interaction with a focus on lifelong friendships.

Look at our fantastic Dubai city tours and see what thrilling choices are available to suit your ideal holiday vacation.

Best City Tours in Egypt

Egypt has seven UNESCO World Heritage sites stretching from Cairo to Aswan. Besides having one of the oldest histories in the world, dating back to the ancient Pharaonic period. Egypt also has its biblical history related to Moses. Explore ancient civilizations in this land of the Pharaohs or a twin-center adventure!
As a reputable tour company, Surprise Tourism likes to provide our clients with various Egypt tour options, including day tours, twin-center tours, and more.

Oman Guided Group Tours with Surprise Tourism

Oman has successfully balanced its heritage and culture while becoming a modern state. It is one of the oldest independent states in the Arab world. A trip to Oman is filled with breathtaking natural landscapes, the Arabian desert, and scenic attractions that will be a lifelong memory for you.

Discover authentic Arabian hospitality in Oman Escorted Tours with Surprise Tourism DMC.

Guided Qatar Tours

Qatar is an independent emirate on the west coast of the Persian Gulf. Qatar combines old-world hospitality with cosmopolitan sophistication, the chance to enjoy a rich cultural tapestry, new experiences, and adventures. Qatar is where cultural authenticity meets modernity, where the sand meets the sea, and where people come together to experience unique offerings in culture, sports, business, and family entertainment.

Book Qatar holiday packages with Surprise Tourism, a leading tour agency that provides more personalized and custom trips to Qatar. Explore the Qatar attractions and experience the best of Qatar with us.

Surprise Tourism specializes in quality, affordable escorted city tours and holiday packages for Dubai, Oman, Qatar, and Egypt.