01. Why Choose Surprise Tourism LLC?
Surprise Tourism LLC is a responsible travel, A travel agent that care for the people, places and Planet. Customizing tours and holidays for people keeping in mind that the emotions involved in each holidays. We do out bit in the Economic empowerment for local communities and the local people. Our travellers will get to experience the hospitality indulged in the heritage & culture of each destination we promote. Our Tours and activities are organized with an aim in Protecting and nurturing wildlife and biodiversity. We do all the best we can in carbon reduction across our trips and offices. Value added Travel services by giving importance to People, Places & Planet, this is what we are trying to achieve.
02. Family Vacation: Does Surprise Tourism offer Family Vacation Packages?
Surprise Tourism LLC offers a wide range of Family vacation packages to Dubai, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Qatar and Bahrain. We have small group sharing tours and Private tours to cater all the type of family adventure in the middle east. Additionally, we also offer day tour and activities in Dubai and other popular destinations in the middle east.
03. Small Group Sharing Tours: How many people will be on my trip?
We are specialized in providing small group sharing tours to Dubai, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Qatar and Bahrain. We understand that number of people in a group does affect the overall satisfaction and safety of your trip. which is why we keep our group sizes down.On most of our guided day trips and activities you’ll be part of an intimate group of 12-16 people, though our group sizes are on average 10 people. Incase of Desert safari in Dubai there will be six people in one car and in case of Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai or Abu Dhabi the group size will be higher.
04. Solo Trips: If I am travelling solo, will I be paired with a stranger?
The best thing about Surprise Tourism is that you will not be paired up with another passenger. You can join our small group sharing tours even if you are travelling alone. There will be a nominal single supplement you need to pay for your room.
05. Is Middle East safe to travel?
Middle east offers a unique holiday experience and absolutely safe to travel, Especially to UAE, Egypt, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are one of the safest cities not just in the middle east but also in the world. It's recommended that you look into the safety and cultural norms of the destination that you are planning to visit, Just like every other destination on the planet.
06. What is the most beautiful Tourist Destination in the Middle East?
In terms of natural beauty Oman is the most beautiful destination in the middle east. Popular for its for its beautiful beaches along the Indian Ocean, the dramatic Hajar Mountains, the stunning desert and the natural wadis makes Oman the best place in the middle east. If you love beautiful city scrapes and glittering skyscrapers, then Dubai is the most beautiful city in the middle east. Houses man made wonders, stunning architecture al around makes Dubai the most beautiful city in the middle east.