Egypt has Seven UNESCO Heritage sites spanning across the country from Cairo all the way down south to Upper Egypt as far as Luxor and Aswan.

Besides having one of the most ancient histories worldwide, starting with the Pharaonic period which ruled all the way from of 32nd century BC up to 332 BC, it of course has its own biblical history concerning Moses.
Over time, Egypt has had many rulers from several different faiths and beliefs including Christianity, Greek and Islam. However, in today’s society the predominant religion is Islam with a smaller percentage of Coptic Christians across the country whom all interact into society.

Besides the historical aspect of Egypt’s ancient wonders, many tourists choose to opt for an Egyptian experience which can offer them the ‘best of both worlds’, that of the beautiful calm waters of the Red Sea and all it has to offer, along with a combination of Egypt’s historic locations.

There are many different options to choose from in terms of resorts along both sides of the Red Sea. The two most popular resorts along Egypt’s Red Sea coasts are Sharm El Sheik on the east coast and Hurghada on the west coast. The Red Sea is known for its spectacular diving spots on both sides where divers can experience incredible corals and species of fish and sea mammals. The benefits of staying in either of these locations on the Red Sea are numerous.

Sharm El Sheik has a reputation for being a more upmarket and luxurious resort with numerous excellent diving schools to explore the glorious underwater sea life. Being located on the eastern side of the Red Sea means that it has access to some fascinating ancient sites which include the beautiful Saint Catherine’s Monastery along with one of the most scenic and breathtaking hikers paradise Mount Moses, said to be the setting where Moses pointed to the Promised Land after crossing the Red Sea.On the western side is the main resort of Hurghada which is a very large resort with more than enough activities for all ages. Amongst its many options besides diving and visiting superb local islands by boat, Hurghada has a very large shopping district, a Marina with excellent restaurants and access via a reliable bus service to either Cairo or Luxor.

So, whether it is a holiday for pure relaxation on the sun drenched beaches of Egypt, or excitedly exploring the ancient civilisations of this unique land of the Pharaohs or even a twin centre adventure to discover both, look no further!

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