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So, you might ask “what is Global Village?” The Global Village in Dubai is a huge multicultural theme park/market that allows you to experience different parts of the world in just a few hours! 

Hailed as the biggest entertainment, tourism, and shopping project on the planet, it would be a shame not to head there and see it for yourself. 

The venue is home to various arcade games for kids and adults to enjoy. And don’t miss the heart-stopping rides at Global Village as well.

Global Village Dubai is a massive, multi-cultural theme park with a lot to see and do. There are 26 world pavilions, several cultural shows, carnival rides, street food kiosks, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the region’s first oddity museum, and much more.

At Global Village Dubai, there are 25 pavilions to tour, representing 78 countries from around the world. Turkey, Pakistan, AlSanaa, Europe, and Khalifa are among the pavilions.

Foundation Americas, Thailand, Palestine – Jordan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Palestine ––

Africa, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iran, Syria, Japan, South Korea, China, Africa, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, and, of course, the United Arab Emirates. This year’s new additions were Russia, Cambodia, and Vietnam, the three of the world’s most populous countries.

Interesting Facts About Global Village

  • The Global Village is 17,200,000 square feet in size
  • There are around 3,500 shopping establishments.
  • Global Village boasts one of Dubai’s largest parking capacities, with a total capacity of 18,300 automobiles.
  • Global Village hosts a variety of concerts and activities every season
  • You’ll be able to sample street food from all over the world!

Global Village Attractions

Here are all the best things to do at Global Village Dubai for a truly unforgettable experience:

1. Carnaval Theme Park

Global Village’s Carnaval was back this year, with a few exciting attractions to look out for:

2. The Wheel of The World

The Wheel of the World is a 60-meter-high observation wheel that offers panoramic views of Dubai’s renowned skyline.

3. Transylvania Towers

Do you dare to enter the haunted Transylvania hotel? It’s now or never to find out! The journey gives the term “haunted” a whole new meaning.

4. Max Moscow:

This bold addition to the theme park, a pendulum ride that makes you feel as if you have no weight at all, will test your fortitude. Can you fathom how you’d feel?

5. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

At Global Village, the world-famous attraction is still going strong. In its six unique galleries (think shrunken heads and skulls! ), enter a fantasy world to uncover some of the strangest items and collections. You could either buy some souvenirs or try to navigate your way out of the massive Mirror Maze.

You can count on it. At Dubai’s Global Village, one of the oddest collections of natural, scientific, artistic, and human oddities has taken up residence. It is the Middle East’s first of its sort, with human and animal displays, unique goods such as actual shrunken heads and skulls, mind-boggling optical illusions, and plenty of other strange and amazing things. It takes around an hour to complete the experience, so factor it into your visit to Global Village.

6. Circus Circus

This year’s circus at Global Village was a must-see for anyone who enjoys a unique spectacle packed with daring stunts. The Russian Swing performs incredible gymnastics, and some crazy Columbian clowns perform hilarious acts!

7. Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone

Are your children lovers of Peter Rabbit and his friends? Then they’ll go crazy about this one! The youngsters did not wanted to leave this season’s new addition.

Here’s a glimpse at the different zones:

  • Mrs. Rabbit’s Fresh Farm Cafe
  • Mr. McGregor’s Garden
  • Radish Dash Maze
  • Squirrel Nutkin Activity Park
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Retail Stor

8. Global Village Shopping

At Global Village, there are numerous pavilions where you may shop till you drop. Each pavilion at Global Village represents a country, with a grand entrance styled like a famous landmark from that country, ideal for photos!

In just a few hours, you can virtually shop the entire world! Don’t miss out on these must-have items at Global Village Dubai: To mention a few, there are Turkey’s delectable pastries, Lebanon’s spices, Yemen’s honey, Africa’s handcrafted things, Japan’s accessories, Morocco’s tea, Spain’s vibrant garments, and Egypt’s cotton linen.

This year was unique in that you could also shop for Ramadan. You could find some gorgeous decorations and gifts that had been specially made for the holy month.

9. Global Village Foodies

Exploring the food stalls is perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting the Global Village! Global Village, a foodie’s paradise, is a must-visit for everyone who enjoys street cuisine.

Exotic Asian fruits, India’s vada pavs, the UAE’s famous luqaimat, Turkish borek, and Japanese ice cream, to name a few, were available.

If you want to take a break for lunch or supper, Global Village Dubai had a variety of delicious restaurants.

10. Global Village 2021 Events and Concerts

The actual events, celebrity appearances, and concerts for the Global Village program are announced on their official website.

11. What other attractions are there at Global Village Dubai?

There’s a heritage village, the main stage for daily shows, a mission speed stunt show, and a kids’ theatre at Global Village, in addition to the pavilions. There are fire fountain shows, an Indian chaat bazaar, and a floating market along Kiosk Street, as well as plenty of delicious street cuisine. There’s also a large carnival with numerous rides.

Timing of  Global Village?

From Sunday through Wednesday, from 4 p.m. to midnight, and from Thursday to Friday, from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m., Global Village Dubai is open. Global Village will be open on Saturdays from 2 p.m. until 11 p.m.


12.Ladies’ and Families’ Days

Mondays, with the exception of public holidays, are allocated exclusively for women and their families. If you are visiting with children, you can pick up and register a wristband so that you can be reunited more readily if you become separated.


13. How to get to Dubai’s Global Village

If you want to visit Dubai’s Global Village by bus, you’re in luck because bus service has resumed for the new season. This season, visitors were transported on luxury coaches. Routes 102, 103, 104, and 106 departed from Rashidiya Metro Station, Union Metro Station, Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, and Mall of Emirates Metro Station, respectively. There were also lots of parking and an RTA taxi zone.


14. Getting around Global Village Dubai

You could simply walk about the park, and the RTA’s electric abra tourist services inside Global Village are a great way to get around on the water.


15. Guinness World Records at Global Village Dubai

This season, Dubai’s Global Village set a new Guinness World Record for the largest number of videos in a music medley video. On Friday, October 30, Global Village held a virtual performance to commemorate its 25th anniversary, earning the title. The Rockin’ 1000 Global Gig, the world’s largest virtual rock concert, set a new world record for the popular multicultural family vacation spot.


16. Social distancing at Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai took precautions to ensure its visitors’ health and safety. Guests  wore their face masks at all times and kept a physical distance of at least two meters from others. Anyone with symptoms such as coughing or a fever avoided going to the park. Guests over the age of 65 and those with chronic illnesses avoided congested places throughout their visit. Thermal cameras were deployed at all entry points, and there were over 600 hand sanitizer stations around the park. Restaurants observed physical distance rules and disinfect tables and chairs after each usage, while wheelchairs and shopping carts sanitized after each use.

To ensure physical separation, all kiosk utensils sanitized after each use, and a separate seating space for guests were available in front of the main stage. Contactless payment were possible, and all communal areas and touch points were sterilized on a regular basis. Children were given free face masks, and carnival rides and games were operated at a reduced capacity and sanitized after each use. Only during prayer hours will prayer rooms be open, and they will be cleaned and sanitized after each prayer session. Valet parking were not provided.

17. Global Village Dubai Ticket Price

• When purchased at the gate, the entrance ticket to Global Village costs AED 20 per person, including 5% VAT.

• Tickets will cost AED 15 per person whether purchased online or through the app.

• Children under the age of three and senior citizens over the age of 65 are permitted free of charge.

• Entrance is free for people of determination (with IDs) and one caretaker.

18. Global Village Location

Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road/Emirates Road, Dubai.