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The Sultanate of Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world and offering unique holiday experience with a perfect blend of natural landscapes, rich heritage, and authentic Arabian Hospitality. Oman’s has perfectly maintained the balance between its heritage and culture while developing into a modern State. This less explored Arabian destination has so much to offer for adventure seekers. Explore the. Oman is a destination with breathtaking natural landscapes, Oman has changed over the years and has embraced modernization while retaining. Oman has a lot offer for thrill-seekers, explore the largest cave chamber known as ‘Majlis Al-Jinn’. Experience the Arabian desert by opting for a night under the stars in ’Sharqiyah Sands’. Apart from the natural and scenic attraction that offers an adventure of a lifetime. Oman also has lot to offer with Mountain Biking & Cycling, Paragliding, Camel Riding, Hiking, Kite Surfing, off-roading or Stand up paddle boarding in my parts of Oman. This Arabian Peninsula holds a special place in the middle east tourism map with its magnificent ecology and diverse flora and fauna. Mountains, Caves, Deserts, Wadis, or vibrant cities like Muscat, Salalah. Learn more about the Arabian land and experience the rich heritage of Oman that deeply rooted in Seafaring, trading, and exploration. Book your Oman Tours and Vacation with Surprise Tourism LLC today.